Ultra v's Specialist

By Sabbie Heesh

Our new 2018 stick range has just dropped and it features our new Ultra stick!

How does the Ultra mould differ from that of the Specialist? Read on to decide which mould suits your game best.


Bow position:

Both have the same acute 24mm bow profile, however the location of the bow is different in each stick; 

Specialist - low bow, positioned 22cm from base of the stick

Ultra - ultra low bow, positioned 20cm from base of the stick



Specialist - features a moulded scoop in the lower shaft to locate the ball and guide it through the drag flicking action

Ultra - no scoop


Shaft thickness:

Specialist has a slightly thicker shaft


  • Same prices in each model in the range
  • Same updated head design featuring an ultra thin taper to give greater control and accuracy of 3D skills


Now you have the stick specs, its time for you to decide...  

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