Stick Comparison Guide

By Sabbie Heesh

Each Ritual stick is designed for a different kind of player. We don’t make one generic ‘hockey stick’. There’s a stick for low-bow performance and another for drag flick specialists. Some are built for power, others for precision. It’s about choosing a stick that suits your game.


Our most highly requested model, designed for ball control and 3D skills. The Velocity features a late curved design, with 240mm bow point and 24mm bow height. Perfect for all positions.


The Specialist is a purpose-built drag flick stick. The low curve and moulded scoop help to guide the ball through the entire flicking action. It features an acute, 24mm profile.


We designed the Ultra for elite players looking for an extreme bow. It’s shaped to the maximum allowable FIH specifications, with an ultra-low curve (200mm bow point), tapered base and acute, 24mm profile.


Built for upright players. It’s got a mid-curve design and thicker handle. The rectangular sides and full depth head shape create a larger hitting zone, plus a mid-shaft bow point of 300mm.


We modelled the Finesse on our Velocity stick, but with a slightly thinner 29mm handle and classic head shape. It’s lighter and more nimble than the standard model. Good for players with fine touch.






Still deciding which stick is right from you, view our full Stick Comparison Guide.

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