Lucas Veen

The Netherlands

Lucas Veen

The Netherlands

Country Netherlands


DOB 23rd November, 2003


Jong Oranje

Ritual Stick

Velocity 95

Career Highlights

  • Gold Medal 6- nations U16
  • Silver Medal European Cup U18
  • 3 x National Youth Champion (NED)

Notes from the field

I started playing hockey when I was 6 years old at Schaerweijde and I played there up until the age of 17.  During my youth time we had a great team and we won the national championship three years in a row. Last year I moved to the Hoofdklasse side HGC. I live in Zeist and I am in my final year at high school. In all my junior teams I always played with the number 9, but I switched to number 23, because of the legend Michael Jordan and because of my date of birth. 

Lucas's Ritual

Before every game I dribble with a ball in the changing room to get my touch in before I step onto the pitch.