Laia Vidosa


Laia Vidosa


Country Spain


DOB 8th January, 1999

Junior FC

Spanish National Team

Ritual Stick

Velocity 95

Career Highlights

  • Senior International Debut 2022
  • World Cup Terrassa 2022
  • U21 European Champions 2019
  • Bronze Medal EHL 2022 

Notes from the field

I started playing hockey at the age of 4. I joined Junior HC with a close friend and 20 years later I still play there. Hockey was something new to my family as there wasn't a tradition at all. From that moment, hockey became a big part of my life; the club, my home, my teammates and my family. I played all levels of hockey both at club and international, which led me to make my senior debut with the Redsticks on February 2022. Ever since I was a child my dream was to be a doctor and I am on the way to fulfill that dream. I am currently finishing my studies of Medicine (5th grade). I am very lucky to do two two things I love: Hockey and Medicine.

Laia's Ritual

I like to be one of the first to start warming up. I always put my shinpads on quickly so I can enter the field as soon as possible to touch the ball.