Floris Middendorp

The Netherlands

Floris Middendorp

The Netherlands

Country The Netherlands


DOB 4th June 2001


Ritual Stick

Velocity 95

Career Highlights

  • Debut for Dutch senior team 2022
  • Played in every Dutch youth team
  • Playoffs with Amsterdam

Notes from the field

I started playing hockey when I was 3 years old, at Hattem; a small club in the east of Holland. I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 years old. I currently study Business Administration at the VU which I have almost finished. Outside of hockey I enjoy time with friends and teammates. A nice fact is that I have played with ritual for over 10 years.

Floris's Ritual

Every game-day looks different in my life. I don’t have pre-game rituals and also don’t believe if I had them, they would make me play better. I wake up at different times and always eat different. The only Ritual I have is that I check if I have the right kit, 3 times before leaving my house.