Duco Telgenkamp

The Netherlands

Duco Telgenkamp

The Netherlands

Country The Netherlands


DOB 17th July 2002

Kampong HC

Jong Oranje

Ritual Stick

Velocity 95

Career Highlights

  • Gold Medal U21 Europeans
  • Hoofdklasse promotion with HDM
  • Transfer to Kampong 2022

Notes from the field

I started playing hockey when I was 6-years old. My passion besides hockey is kickboxing. My father first introduced me to kickboxing when I was 8 years. In the off-season I train in The Hague with a group of friends. It's a great sport and helps with my mental strength and allows me to channel my frustrations. I also have my own company called MVP, it helps develop kids in all aspects of the game from technical and nutritional to psychological support.

Duco's Ritual

I need to win the last FIFA game before a match.