2019 Indoor Hockey Rules Book

By Sabbie Heesh

Download the 2019 FIH Indoor Hockey Rules Book


The latest edition of FIH Indoor Hockey Rules Book came into effect from 1st October 2019 at international level. National Associations are free to decide the implementation date at national level but it must be no later than 30th June 2020. Additionally, National Associations may also apply to the FH to opt out of certain rules at levels below their top domestic leagues and/or for particular age groups

The main changes highlighted in the latest edition of the Indoor Rules are a result of feedback obtained from the Men’s and Women’s Indoor World Cups in 2018 (Berlin) and comments from both the Continental Federations and National Associations.

The FIH objectives of the new rules are to:

  • To make the October Rules and Indoor Rules as consistent as possible
  • Incorporate feedback from players, officials, coaches, National Associations and Continental Federations
  • To simplify the Rules where possible
  • To make hockey the most attractive for players, spectators and broadcasters

A summary of the adjustments to the Rule of Indoor Hockey 2019 can be found below:

  • Time outs have been removed to prevent teams ‘abusing’ and frustrating play.
  • Quarters have been introduced to provide coaches with position coaching opportunities as well as providing benefits of predictable intervals for broadcasters to show highlights.
  • The requirement for teams to change benches at halftime has been eliminated, resulting in the length of the halftime interval being reduced.
  • The time to stop the clock at penalty corners has been introduced, as a result of the reduction of time saved from teams changing benches at half time coupled with the saving of 4 minutes for time outs.
  • Players sent beyond the centre line at a penalty corner will in future be sent to 9.1 metres (ie level with the top of the circle) at the far end of play to prevent these players interfering with play.
  • A personal penalty on the captain will be awarded if a team plays with too many players on the field of play.
  • The situation of the taking of a free push within 3 metres of the circle has been made consistent with the Outdoor Rule.
  • A number of requests have been received to introduce the Indoor Rules in October rather than January to compliment the timing of the majority of Indoor Competitions around the world.
  • Goalkeeping privileges for filed players has been eliminated.


To download the FIH Rules of Indoor Hockey 2019, click here.

Source: FIH



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