ONLY IN INDIA - By Glenn Simpson

By Booster Apps

The Hero Hockey India League is now done and the dust has settled. It felt like an appropriate time to take a light hearted look at our time in India. Every day is fast paced, dynamic and even a little crazy in India. We realised this early in our trip and coined the term 'only in India' when we saw something we had never seen before (it happens daily)! Here is a bit of a list.

  • Electrical cables that look like they have been wired by a pasta chef. 
  • Cows in the streets, on the curb, in the stalls - actually, they are anywhere they want to be.
  • 10 people in a 3 seat 'taxi'.
  • Hockey lights go out mid game.
  • An entire family riding on one motorbike.
  • Road rules are for chumps. The lines mean nothing.
  • Snake charmers - enough said.
  • Mosquito FILLED planes.
  • 'Lady wheelbarrows' - imagine small woman with too much sand balancing on their head.
  • Signs should read ‘ignore the line, proceed past everyone else to the front’.
  • Fans who LOVE hockey more than anywhere else I have experienced!

It's what makes India an exciting time for the foreign players and I really enjoyed my time with the Lancers this year. I am thankful that I got to experience India again and am looking forward to returning whenever that may be!

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