4 Tips for Surviving the Hockey World Cup Finals with Your Sanity Intact

By Booster Apps

If you’re one of the lucky ones heading to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 finals this weekend, you’re probably beside yourself with excitement – it’s the most anticipated hockey event of the year!

Hockey heads around the world have been uniting in The Netherlands to witness the best teams in the world battle it out on the pitch. The Hockey World Cup finals are the culmination of two weeks chock full of the highest-level hockey on the planet. If you’re lucky enough to be heading the to finals, how can you best prepare for this hockey finals heaven? Heed the following tips and your World Cup experience will be unforgettable!

Study the Pros

That’s right study! But this isn’t your usual boring kind of homework. Check out the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 website to search stats on your favourite athletes. Get yourself prepared for the inevitable arguments that will occur in the stands. Familiarise yourself with the who’s who of drag flicks, skills that kill, and the MVPs of these powerhouse hockey countries. A little homework never hurt anyone and it will surely add to your finals experience.

Pack your stick

Take your stick with you and knock the ball around wherever you can. Play with friends, by yourself or just find another fan as crazy about hockey as you are. Just having a tap around can help develop new skills and it’ll give you an appreciation for the amazing hockey skills you’ll witness from the world’s best.

Find Your Preferred Hangover Cure

Maybe it’s just Aspirin that’s is needed, or perhaps you have a personal remedy of choice. Either way, any seasoned World Cup spectator will tell you a lot of beverages will be involved in the event overall, and the finals in particular. So if you are going to partake, be proactive and realistic – make sure you pack your hangover cure. You don’t want to miss a legendary finals match because of a bad hangover!

Finalise Your Schedule

I agree hockey is the most important thing in the whole entire world; however, there is such an abundance of opportunities to watch great hockey at the World Cup. How do you choose exactly what finals matches to watch? Study the tournament schedule and mark down your favourites. This will allow you some tourist time to travel the Holland’s beautiful countryside. And don’t forget to pick yourself up a Stroopwafel on the way!

The Bottom Line

So keep up your study up on the players, keep up your own stick skills, grab your hangover cure and choose your must-see games. Then have the most amazing time! 

If you see a girl running around with a pen and paper in one hand and a giant pint of beer in the other, flag her down because most likely it’s me… I’ll buy you your next round!

Tara, Roving Ritual Reporter & super excited to be at the World Cup! ☺

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